Ambassador Program

Do you have more social media followers than you know what to do with or perhaps your invested in promoting yourself on social media like a well seasoned pro influencer. We are chasing the likes of you to promote us and reap the awards and become royalty. With us, there is no setup costs and no outrageous restrictions.

If you promote us and deliver results, you can earn some attractive rewards!

Why partner with us?
To spread the word on Shaun Jones, Boudoir By Shaun Jones and our services, we reward your efforts accordingly. If your interested in our Social Media Influencer Program or our Ambassador Program, whichever you decide on, we will look after you. So lets explain the packages below so you can make the right informed decission to sign up for -

Ambassador Program -

This package is for the experienced Model, Social Media Celebrity or Recognised Figure including OnlyFans. Ideally you will have thousands of followers and engagement with your fans and followers. You will receive photo shoots on us and we will not put limits on the amount of photos you receive.

You will receive your very own complimentary Christmas Boudoir Shoot each year, a family Christmas Shoot, general family shoot, reasonable amount of photo shoots within our Studio including outdoor photography sessions. 

Application Expression of Interests - click here 
( only available to Australian identities )

Social Media Influencer Program -

If your savvy when it comes to promoting on social media and know your way around the world of Instagram and Facebook and engage with followers on regular basis, this program is for you. Same as the Ambassador Program, this has similar perks. If you promote us and direct volumes of followers in our direction which includes engaged actions, we will reward you with Boudoir Dollars. Boudoir Dollars is points towards a complimentary Boudoir Photo Shoot. 

Application Expression of Interests - click here 
( only available to Australian influencers )