Let's answer some common questions we face each day at Boudoir By Shaun Jones. If you have something else you wish us to answer not listed below, feel free to ask us. We will get straight back to you within 24hours Monday to Friday.

Since we have furniture you pose on, including blankets and white sheets and bedroom manchester, please avoid spray tans, bottle cream tans. These tans heavily stain our furniture and manchester. If your tanning soils and stains our furniture or manchester, a cleaning fee will apply. Offcourse we don't want to lay down rules, but theses tans are damaging. Please ensure if you do get a tan, make sure its Rub Proof!

Boudoir By Shaun Jones is fully insured, operating and practicing under a business Liability Insurance policy.

Within 24hrs before booking -
Bookings Tuesday to Fridays if you cancel within 24hrs, we unfortunately will keep your deposit and nil refund will be available even if paid in full.

Outside 48hrs before booking -
All cancellations made 48hrs outside of scheduled booking, we will refund you any amount paid to us other than the deposit which is not refundable.

Outside 7 day period -
All cancellations made outside of 7 days, we will provide a full refund including any deposits made.

For lifes emergencies -
Some things beyond our control can occur and cancellation is unavoidable, in these circumstances you can reschedule your shoot and any paid portion excluding the deposit will be transferred to your next reservation.

For No Shows please see no show in FAQS section

If you do not wish us to showcase you on our website under our portfolio or any marketing banners, that's ok. Theres no pressure.

If you would like a Nude Boudoir or general Nude photography, we provide this service aswell to customers over 18years of age. This is done with controlled paperwork.

Yes, we sure do. We are probably the only provider in our industry that accepts Afterpay.

Yes, we can do basic removal of tattoos. If an arm has a complete wrap of tattoos, then unfortunately we cannot. Your best to consult with us first if you want us to remove tattoos via digital brush work.

Wish we could, but there are somethings which are impossible to complete. Be proud of who you are.

Interestingly enough some others may do, but we don't. Firstly regardless if we wash lingerie, do you want to wear a piece someone has worn before, its not like its a pair of jeans, this is underwear we are talking about. It's just unhygienic. Refer to our Lingerie page for affordable options.

We have a network of consultants we can introduce you too. We have noticed that due to the size of Perth, there is no large business chains that offer multiple franchise areas. Based on this, its best you consider your own provider.

Yes, via Afterpay and Paypal Pay By Four

We prefer you dont since, some of the poses we ask you to get into can be of an intimate and personal nature. Plus we try to avoid people floating around to ensure there not in the work we capture.

Yes, since we are taking photographs of individuals including but not limited to intimate areas, Model Release Forms must be completed.

We attend hotels within Perth all year round with bookings made by customers. If customer is planning this outside of our Hotel service, you will need to establish if the hotel agrees to us shooting. You also are in control of any deposits, bookings, money handling, cleaning of rooms and tidiness. We can provide small amount of props.

We run regular Luxury Boudoir photo shoots in Perth which is agreed and arranged with our hotel provider. Bookings are made exclusively by us and as our guest under a paid customer, you must also adhere to any Hotel terms of stay. Time frames are Strict.

Absolutely! This is extra special when your partner gets involved and joins in. We have couples dedicated sessions.

Yes, you can purchase Gift Vouchers all year round.

Although we are experienced in photo editing, we cannot unfortunately perform the impossible and make people smaller sizes, give you a digital breast reduction or bum lift, we also cannot reduce your weight or increase your weight.

Offcourse you can, our packages may include digitals but anything outside of the included amount, you will need to pay for. Our packages are affordable.

No, others may, but did you know they damage the roof structure. The bolt thats installed into the timber rafters does move with any movement causing stress on roof timbers. This causes ceiling cracks, throughout the entire home. Not too mention other roof space and home damage. Plus, we have Insurance and we minimise the risk of potential claims and personal injury to you. Its the things others forget that puts us in front!

We do not take photos of any individuals under the age of legal consent being of Adult age 18years. You will need to be 18 and over to use our services. This is not negotiable.

If you have piercings on facial areas including intimate areas, consider removing them if you don't want in photos. They can be impossible to remove in editing. Extra fees apply if you ask us after session to remove.

Yes, we are rolling this out very soon in 2024. We want to empower ladies to feel confident in any shape or colour you are. Be the woman that you are. All group members can be dressed in lingerie or wear nothing. Packages will explain in due course.

Want us for a special shoot somewhere or down south, sure! we can do this. Small fees apply for Perth Metro area. For areas down South, travelling costs along with accomodation will be charged. All fees will need to be charged and paid before we leave Perth.

All packages are subject to fair and reasonable processing time. Approximately upto two weeks and longer for physical prints, albums and other products. Certain times over the year including Christmas may be longer. Christmas timeframe can be as long as 3 weeks. Please ensure you allow us plenty of time for processing by reserving your shoot at your earliest.

Some time delays may occur on rare ocasssions and over Christmas period, we unfortunately cannot be made responsible for these delays.

If you fail to show for your shoot, regardless of paying a deposit or the full amount, we cannot provide any refund or return to you.