Tips and Tricks

 You want to make the best of your Boudoir experience with us, so below we have created some tips and tricks that will improve the end result of you looking stunning and amazing.

Tips -

1. Tans are great but uneven tan lines and poor artificial tans can seriously destroy a Boudoir shoot. Cheaper Tan solutions tend to provide an uneven colour towards the wrists, neck line and feet plus bikini and groin areas. The shadows they create are very unpleasing to the camera and eye and show like a beacon on the horizon.

2. Come with a good nights sleep. We are unable to remove dark rings around eyes or reduce eye puffiness due to insufficient sleep. Getting good sleep will show in your photos.

3. If you dont believe in makeup thats great, but please be mindful, that if your investing in Boudoir, consider makeup, it will go a long way in making your Boudoir experience more special.

4. Some shots your hands and feet will be in view, having a manicure will make you look a million dollars.

5. If you wax, ensure you get a wax 24 hrs before, otherwise you will look like your body has consumed a tonne of chillies.

6. If you prefer an all natural look down in the intimate zone and under arms, please remember we cannot edit these areas by giving you an artificial clip.

More FAQS can be found here