Why Us

When you invest your time with Shaun, not only are you investing your time and your money with a Boudoir shoot, your also using a recognised Australian Landscape Photographer who has been featured in international and national magazines who now offers Boudoir. 

Our philosophy is a happy customer is a customer for life, so when we engage in our services with clients, we make sure you feel 100% comfortable in your environment and setting. 

Shaun has also been an ambulance officer so theres nothing more than professionalism when it comes to Boudoir. Be proud of who you are and how you look, because you only get one crack at this life, so lets enjoy it! 

We know theres others out there who have unaffordable high costs for Boudoir with high minimum order requirements. With us, theres no unfair minimum order placement. We like to think if we restrict our packages to high levels, it reduces our customers in getting what they want and reduces referral business. 

When you receive your final photos and or products, you will receive 20 years experience of digital editing on your photos to ensure the best results are delivered to you everytime. When we deliver any printed product, we use the very best printers in Perth. We do not use stationery or department store printer services. We use the best so you can experience the very best and it doesn't mean you will pay for it, Shaun prides himself on delivering a great product.

Shaun puts a high level of detail into everyone work to ensure the best quality is presented regardless of the investment size. He limits the work he does each month to ensure strict performance is achieved. Controlling my workflow ensures that each photograph is viewed and not wasted.